Monday, 16 September 2013

My holiday in the USA!

So I haven't posted in ages because I'd been in America, and now I've just been back for a week and I'm getting over jet lag!

But aww I'm so sad to be back. It was such a nice holiday, I love spending time with my family, it's my favorite thing to do really. And holidays in the USA are always my favorite. I really do love America! I know everyone says 'you wouldn't if you lived there.' but I just love how big everything is out there and just everything they have out there is awesome. I even love visiting the supermarkets like walmart because it has so much more cooler stuff than the UK! So our holiday had 3 parts, we did 2 weeks in Florida; one week at Disney World and another in Vero Beach. 

Disney World! 

So as my family all adore Disney (especially me! :p) and the theme parks, last year my parents decided to buy the Disney Vacation Club package. It basically means that my parents pay money to 'own' an apartment in one of Disney's resorts, and what this means is when we go abroad we can stay in any Disney hotel. And Disney don't just have hotels in Disney World, they have them in every country you can imagine! It's really cool and it also means you could be in hawaii but still have that touch of disney magic at your hotel :)

But as it was our first year with the package, we decided to go to Disney World! We stayed at Disney's Saratoga Spring's resort and spa. It was such a gorgeous resort I wish I took more photos of it.

Ofc Disney World itself was amazing. I swear that place is my true home haha. I love it so much. There's 4 theme parks at Disney World; Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. There's 2 water parks; Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard beach and there's also lots of hotels and a downtown area full of shops and restaurants. My dad purchased a 7 day admission to any of the theme parks except for the water parks, so we didn't do any water parks this trip.

Here's some photos!
Cinderella's fountain

outside cinderella's castle in Magic Kingdom with my lovely mum

At Rafiki's planet watch petting the animals in Animal Kingdom!

monsters university

some characters! 
My favorite part was probably meeting Snow White and showing her my tattoo of her haha. She was really suprised and lovely and said 'thank you so much for coming to show me this!' it was adorable!
We pretty much got on every ride in every park, disney gives out free fast passes so if you plan your day well, you don't have to wait for anything. My favorite ride was ariel's new ride  in the new fantasy land in magic kingdom where you go under the sea in a clam and watch the story of the little mermaid come to life. it's really amazing. And as always the rock n roller coaster and the tower of terror and hollywood studios! I couldn't decide my favorite park, I love the rides at hollywood studios, I love how well themed magic kingdom is, I love the safari at animal kingdom and I just adore how random everything is at epcot haha.
 We met up with another family there who my mum and sister are close to, their daughter had leukemia (but is currently in remission :D) so she got a trip to disney through make a wish foundation, which was really lovely I thought. She had a great time so that was so nice.

One thing that sucked was we didn't get to see ANY fireworks sob! :( we got front row seats for fantasia and stayed for the electrical parade and fireworks at magic kingdom and lightning storms got them both cancelled. That really sucked. The only other complaint I have is the food there, as I'm vegetarian there wasn't an awful lot for me to eat at the parks, unless I wanted pizza everyday haha. I ended up bringing packed lunches though so that was fine :)

We also ate out every night, mostly at downtown disney! House of Blues was my favorite, loved the atmosphere and the food was to die for :3

Also spent too much in the Disney shops, its so hard because I love everything disney so much hahaha.  I ended up buying this dress in Disney World, so I'm going to cosplay as Rapunzel from Tangled at the next MCM expo in October!
Leaving Disney World is always sad, but after that my family & I went to Vero Beach in Florida to spend a week there. We stayed in a Disney hotel again, so even though we weren't at disney you could still feel that disney magic ^_^
It was really lovely there, we just spent the week chilling by the pool and beach, reading, relaxing, playing board games and crazy golfing! And we had some yummy meals, I had the best food of my life that week I swear haha!

peanut butter caramel brownie with reece's pieces on top!

It worked out cheaper to fly from Florida to New York, then New York to London than to fly direct to London from Florida, so we ended up having a couple of days in New York before flying home which was great! We visited the 9/11 memorial which was very sad but nice to see. We also shopped a lot and visited my mum's friends.

But then sadly, it was time to fly home :(I always get so upset when a holiday ends. It was a lovely holiday and spending time with my family was wonderful, back to normal now but I have some brilliant memories!

Miss you already America xo

Friday, 9 August 2013

Cute cupcake idea for your loved one!

So I'm quite a soppy person sometimes. I'm going away to America in a couple of days for 2 and a half weeks and I feel sad leaving my boyfriend and I know he feels meh too so I got him a bag of treats together and also decided to make him some cupcakes. I thought I could decorate them sort of 'love' themed (told you I was soppy!) and after seeing some photos on the internet decided what I'd decorate them with :3
So  I decided to use the love heart sweets as decorations because they have cute messages on :3  you can buy them in the UK quite easily, I'm not sure about any other countries though
Only problem is they don't always have cute messages on them, I found it hard to find really nice ones, I mean I wanted my cakes to say 'I love you' and stuff like that but my love hearts had like 'relax' or 'im shy' on them ... the fuck? I did find a couple of cute ones though haha.
I also chose to decorate them with the sweets millions, because they're my boyfriends all time favorite sweets. They're tiny balls as well so they look quite good as decoration!  I got strawberry ones and also decided to get pink icing to have a cute love theme haha :3.
Cupcakes are pretty easy to make and I was naughty and cheated and just decided to get a betty crocker packet and squirty icing! I think sometimes I'm a creative person in my mind, but when I try and make things they never turn out how I see them in my mind, so I wanted these to look and taste really good so yeah I bought shop stuff. However you can make your cupcakes from scratch and your icing! It's up to you, there's tons of recipes on the internet. 

Mine were betty crocker caramel cupcake mix!
Here's me mixing  the mixture up haha
And here's how they turned out!

I think they look pretty cute, I'm happy with them, I think it's pretty cool how the million sweets and the icing matched! I hope my boyfriend likes them but they're pretty yummy so I'm sure he will :p

So yeah, I think theyre a good sort of theme for a loved one or for valentines day! I also gave my mum one that said 'my dear one' on it haha ^_^

Anyway that's all for now, hope you're all having a nice day! 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My new cheek piercings.

So yesterday I got my cheeks pierced! I've been wanting them for years  because I just think they're so cute and plus they give you dimples. I think they look adorable! I remember seeing this photo and being like ahhh I want them!
(sorry Im not too sure who this is otherwise I'd source her!)

The thing was I'd always been a little scared to get them because they're quite an 'in your face' piercing if you get what I mean. I work as well as study, and have been working there for 3 years and I wasn't sure my work would be happy with them. But as I'm flying to Florida next week and have a month off work, I thought I could get them pierced and by the time I got back I'll be able to put retainers in them so it wouldn't be a problem! An annoying thing though, is my orthodontist told me I'd have my braces off by July, but didn't book me an appointment to get them off till September, so I do have them pierced with my braces which is a little annoying, but at the moment it's ok!

So anyway, I thought I'd talk about my experience, the price, the pain, aftercare and how they're feeling now.

I went to my local piercing shop in my town. I know and trust the piercer and the shop, I've had 3 tattoos there and  the piercer has pierced my lip and many of my friend's bodies and we've never had any problems. I think with cheek piercings its super important to make sure you go to a trained piercer who has experience because they're a tricky piercing to get right and the healing can apparently be hell even if their pierced right, so imagine what it would be like if they were pierced wrong?! I basically went in and told her I wanted my cheeks pierced, and I wanted them to be like dimples. They cost £60 for both.

I was in the piercing room for about 15 minutes. It took a while to get started because with cheek piercings you have to be precise with them. If you're like me and want them to look like dimples, you want them symmetrical  but also in the right place so they look like actual dimples. My piercer did a lot of measuring - from my nose to my cheeks, lips to my cheeks. She also took a close look at my face haha, and decided I already had teeny natural dimples so we could go from there. She drew dots on my face then asked me to smile. We eventually worked out where to pierce them. She then measured the inside of my mouth to see what length jewellery to put in. Apparently I have a tiny mouth so I'll be able to wear 10mm bars when I'm all healed which I'm super excited about because I wanted tiny bars! She decided to pierce me with 14mm's, she said she could of done 12mm but she wanted to make sure I'd have room incase my cheeks swelled up. She also brought in these huge 16mm's with massive balls incase 'I had massive cheeks' haha, they looked so scary and I'm so glad my cheeks were small enough for the 14mm's! I'm unsure of the gauge size. 

So then the piercing time! Even though I've had 4 tattoos, been pierced lots and had many injections and braces I still got nervous. It just does seem like it will be a painful piercing. I had some mouthwash and then it was time! My piercer explained it was going to be a slow process so just to take a deep breath and swallow. She clamped my mouth and put a needle in my cheeks from the inside. It actually was not that painful! Like the needle going in the gum was fine, (if you've ever had an injection to pull a tooth out you'll know what i'll mean) it was just very slow and you could feel it go through every layer... kinda like a lip piercing, it only really hurt when the needle reached the skin and there was a pop! Putting the jewellery was fine. I'd give it a 4/10 for pain. 

So here's what they look like!
So as you can see when I smile i get little dimples! They should get deeper the longer I get them in. When I don't smile they just look like piercings. I really do like them. Because I want tiny bars eventually, I was worried they'd look horrible in me too big but I think the 14mm is ok!

After care wise, I was just told to clean the outside with salt water and clean the insides (after every meal) with alcohol free mouthwash. I've only had them for a day but so far I've not had a lot of swelling actually, I'd watched loads of videos on youtube warning of swelling (one girl said she couldn't get out of bed for the first week!) but I think mine only swelled a bit, they hurt a little when I woke up this morning but now they're ok. My boyfriend also accidentally wacked my face and it didn't cause a problem haha. Eating is also fine, I can eat normally, but earlier at the cinema I had popcorn and they got a bit stuck, but again its just like having braces and its fine if you clean it out with mouthwash.

So, so far so good! I know healing can get worse though and the possibility of keloids >.< but I'm hoping if I look after them well it should be ok. I'm not sure how long I'll keep them for. I didn't think long because I just wanted the dimples, not the piercing, but I'm starting to like them a lot ^_^.

So anyway, I hope that covered things! If you have any questions, ask me on my tumblr !

and it would be super awesome if you followed me on there and also my twitter and instagram, totoro does! heh

anyway bye for now lovelies xoxo

Welcome to my blog!

I've been toying around for a while with having a proper blog. I have my tumblr which I use a lot but on there I usually just reblog stuff and randomly write my thoughts. I thought on here I could properly blog! My blog will probably include entries about my life, just little updates... wish lists and things I've bought (usually clothes) , reviews on things I've bought and just posts about random things. 

I think my first post should be properly introducing myself so you can get to know me a little better 

My name is Jessica but everyone calls me Jess for short.

 I am a Blonde, teeny tiny (4ft11) disney crazy animal lover. My favorite animals are deer! My favorite disney film is The Little Mermaid. All my tattoos are so far disney,  (i have a bambi, little mermaid, snow white and generic disney birds) I don’t know if they will all be but I plan to get more. I study Psychology (BSC) at a University in London and have a part time job at a electronics store. I pay for everything like my tattoos and clothes with my own money.
I’m a vegetarian, my favorite food is noodles! I have a boyfriend who I have been on/off with for 2 years and 9 months. My favorite place in the world is Disney World and I’m lucky enough to visit it quite a lot as my family are also disney crazy and love going there (we are part of the vacation club)
Anyway thats all I can think of!
You can follow me on twitter here , instagram here